Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's 2009! Okay, So the Exclamation Point Probably Isn't Necessary

Vanilla Bean Macaroons

Okay, so it is 2009. I really don't see the new year as exciting, I don't go to parties, set off fireworks, or watch the ball "drop," which by the way really annoys me, if they say drop they should drop it not just make it slide down a big pole, how not exciting is that, nothing even breaks! But I digress. I have been baking like crazy the past month, and even in some extreme cases cooking, not exactly my forte, but everything was pretty good. I made an amazing red velvet cheesecake for Christmas that almost looked too good to eat, well almost. I went on a baking hiatus for a while, but then after Christmas I went on some kind of crazy ice cream and macaroon streak, which is evident on my Flickr page, that is now loaded with new pictures. I guess I just can't give up baking for long; sorry to all of you poor recipe testers in my art class out there but it looks like you will be getting a lot of new sweets this month. But, back to the subject of the new year, I would like to tackle the tradition of new year's resolutions. I think a lot of people use them to make up for all the food they ate over the holiday season with crazy diets they follow for about a month. I just don't see the point of it all, but for fun of it I have come up with a few of my own resolutions:

1. Make a lot of desserts (I just wanted a goal I knew I could accomplish)
2. Make molded chocolates (I know boring, but it is a goal)
3. Master spun sugar (insert evil laugh here)
4. Share desserts with as many people as I possibly can (until you are all in a sugar coma)
5. Make atleast 5 new desserts each month (that's not so much a goal but a limit:)
6. Get through school (hopefully with my sanity still intact)
7. Be less cynical (unlike everything else I have written)
8. Resist the (pathetic) temptation to make my own birthday cake, unless I can get other people to eat it with me
9. Get a life (Who am I kidding, but fingers crossed I have a whole year)
10. Find better goals for next year

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